What insulation measures are used in winter?

The winter insulation measures are good or bad, directly affect the animal's growth and health status, the general insulation measures taken are: repair the house, thickening bedding, fire source heating, infrared heat lamp, etc., especially the piglets regulate body temperature The function is not perfect, the ability to cold stress is poor, but it should be insulated, but some methods consume electricity and coal, the cost is not low, in fact, there is a kind of thermal insulation and environmental protection method, that is, fermentation bed pig-raising method, such as gold baby Fermentation bed.

The winter warming in the piggery fermentation bed made with the gold treasure starter is because the mixture of pig feces urine and sawdust bedding is rapidly fermented and decomposed under the action of the microbe function microorganisms to generate heat, and the center temperature can be up to forty to fifty degrees or Higher, the surface temperature is maintained at 25 to 30 degrees for a long period of time. In the winter below zero, whether it is in the north or in the south (having advantages in the north), the advantage of this warming is that it has economic value, saves electricity and coal, and saves the cost of pigs. It saves a lot of trouble. The north has more benefits in warming and warming, because in the north the winter is cold for a long time, although the cold time in the south is a bit shorter, but it is also necessary to keep pigs warm and free from cold illness. Once sick, several months of hard work are wasted, and more important Yes, the south is wet, pig manure has more urine and is wet and smelly. The fermentation bed exempts the burden of removing manure for a long time. It is a big contribution to pig farmers in the south.

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