The lush summer grass is a great time for small-tailed sheep to eat grass and enhance their fitness. Grazing is the best choice for raising small-tailed sheep. However, the hot summer weather, the rain, and the high air humidity are very detrimental to the growth of Small Tail Han sheep. According to the habits of the Little Tail Han sheep, the summer grazing should be done in six taboos.
First, avoid long-distance grazing

In the summer, the grass is dense. In the morning and in the evening, the sheep can feed when they grazing for an hour. Feeding at home at noon does not require grazing throughout the day. As the saying goes: “The sheep run for a while and one day is busy.” Due to the poor ability of the small-tail sheep to walk, it is also necessary to shorten the distance of grazing. It is advisable to use no more than five hua li in a day.

Second, bogey out of animal husbandry prematurely

More dew in the morning, small-tail Han sheep should not eat dew grass, should not be too early to graze, generally at 8-9 when the best husbandry. In the afternoon, the weather was hot and the grazing movement began after 6 o'clock. Because there is less dew on the grass in the morning and the grass water is old in the afternoon, we must stick to the principle of “early release high and late release” in the selection of pasture and grassland.

Third, avoid bad ventilation, low moisture

If the grazing environment is boring and not ventilated, the taste of Xiao Tail Han sheep is relatively large and it is easy to attract nose flies. Hot weather, the sheep also have to avoid the nose flies, it is difficult to eat well. In addition, grazing in low-lying and humid environments is also prone to parasitic diseases and foot rot disease.

Fourth, avoid grazing after the rain

After the rain, the water in the grass is large, and the sheep can easily cause diarrhea, swelling and other diseases, so do not grazing immediately after the rain.

Fifth, avoid grazing beside the highway

Putting sheep next to highways is easy to cause infectious diseases such as acne.

Six, bogey eat nettle leaves and castor

It is necessary to grazing on other pastures before grazing on the legume meadows. Because hunger belly eat nettle leaves or ricinus easily poisoned, if the small tail Han sheep eat other feed and then eat, on the one hand the sheep eat not much, even if more to eat poison, there are other herbs in the stomach with can be diluted, And easy to spit it out. Legume forage protein content is relatively high, alone in the legume meadow pasture, likely to cause rumen swelling, the best way is to grazing in the legumes and gramineous grass mixed meadows of small-tailed sheep.

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