1 The amount of binder should be more than * times, and gradually decrease later. The concentration also began to thicken, and then slowly turned thin. This allows the adhesion to be strong and weak from the inside out so that the powder adheres firmly to the surface of the pellet. Otherwise the back layer will pull the front layer down. At the same time, the amount of the binder should be sufficient to make the pellets fully wet. Otherwise, the pellets are broken due to the degree of embedding when the tops are dried, and a "shelling" phenomenon occurs. If you use glutinous rice paste as a binder, the amount of * can be as much as 2/3.
2 After the top coat, the pellets must be dried at a low temperature (zui is air-dried), and constantly flipped; avoid explosion and high-temperature baking, otherwise the pellets may be discolored and form a yin and yang surface or two layers inside and outside.

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Dried Fennel

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