Big fish, high-fat diet, when it comes to eating, have you considered whether the intestinal tract can be eliminated? "Our intestines are not adapted to eating so much meat!" said researcher Wang Dehua of the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Chinese people's guts are actually blocked.

Researcher Wang Dehua said that the animal's various physiological functions are consistent with the body's morphological structure. For example, animals that eat grass have long bowels; animals that eat meat have short bowels.

The foods eaten by carnivores are relatively high in protein and fat. Although their digestive tracts are relatively short, they are easily digested and absorbed. The herbivores are different, and the nutritional content of grass (plant) foods is relatively low. In order for animals to obtain more energy from food, the digestive tract needs to be longer to extend the time of the food in the digestive tract. Absorb as much nutrients as possible.

Although humans are omnivorous animals, they first eat wild Fruits, and the human intestines are also produced "on demand." The small intestine is the most important part of digesting and absorbing food. Although the individual's small intestine has individual differences, it is approximately About 5 meters, and the inner wall has many folds. This type of intestinal tract should have been based on vegetarianism, which is what the ancients said. Grains are raised and five fruits are sufficient. Modern people have put too much meat in the intestines, especially in recent years. These foods, which should have been quickly digested, are trapped in the long intestines of humans and are slowly absorbed. Food stays that are too long will not only lead to oversupply, but also produce large amounts of toxins, constipation, enteritis, and even A series of problems such as colon cancer may follow.

To solve the intestinal congestion, one must exercise more, usually more to go more jogging, to help the intestines to exercise, speed up bowel movements. In addition, you can also from the diet to ask some "intestinal traffic police", such as eating celery, leeks, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, corn and other high-fiber foods, can help clear up the congested bowel.

Robusta Green Coffee Beans

flavor: Moderate taste, good balance;

Variety: Robusta(Viet Nam/Myanmar;

processing method: washing; 

water content: less than 12%;

 packaging: 60kg / bag

SIZE:13#(B 5%)

        18#(B 3%)

High quality instant coffee raw material

In 1892, French missionary father Tian Daneng preached in Dali, Yunnan Province, China. In order to drink coffee, he taught local villagers to grow and drink coffee. Up to now, coffee has been planted in Yunnan Province of China for more than 100 years, with an area of 120000 mu. Most of the varieties planted in Yunnan are ccatimor, with an altitude of 1000-1500m, The coffee produced in Yunnan has a balanced taste, rich nut and citrus flavor, some of which are very sweet, with obvious taste of chocolate, toffee and maple sugar. It is one of the high-quality coffee producing areas. Our coffee is produced at the junction of Puer and Burma - the Myitkyina original jungle beans at 1500-1750, with a rich flavor, high aroma and high sweetness. The 2019 international coffee cup Masters Tournament (China finals) is sponsored by beans.


Robusta Coffee Beans

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