The development of persimmon production is a good way for farmers to become rich, and according to many years of experience, autumn and winter management is particularly important in the production of persimmon trees. The following points should be mastered:

First, pull branches trim

1. The best time for pulling branches in the fall is September. The main targets for pull branches are the main branches and auxiliary branches. The main branch opening angle should be about 90 degrees, less than 70 degrees downward pull, more than 70 degrees upward pull, the orientation is not appropriate to pull left or right.

Persimmon winter shear is beneficial to the early results of young trees, and the adult trees are highly productive and stable, and the aging trees are rejuvenated. The winter shearing time is generally performed after defoliation and before budding in late spring. According to the differences in land, tree vigor, and pests and diseases, pruning is appropriate. If it is found that persimmon keratoses and persimmon worms are seriously endangered, they must be trimmed; otherwise, they should be lightly trimmed.

Second, fertilizer and water management

The appropriate time for autumn basal fertilization is from mid-late September to early October, when microbial activity is vigorous and organic matter decomposes quickly, which facilitates root absorption. Fertilizers are mainly organic fertilizers and are supplemented with available fertilizers such as NPK and other fertilizers. Water immediately after application. In water-free fields, snow can be deposited in the tree's den, and ice blocks can be added to increase the water content of the persimmon tree.

Third, pest and disease control

There are many types of pests and diseases in persimmon trees, and it is an effective period for the prevention and treatment of persimmon trees in autumn and winter.

1. In autumn and winter, the diseased fruits, persimmons, dead branches and fallen leaves should be thoroughly removed, and the diseases such as angular spot, round spot disease and anthracnose can be eliminated in the overwintering place to reduce the damage in the following year.

2. To prevent and treat pests such as crushed triceratops and grass scorpion, in the winter it is necessary to scrape the rough and coarse skin on the trunk and branch, remove the insects hanging on the persimmon tree, and destroy them in a concentrated manner. , reduce the number of worms. In addition, the trunk needs to be painted after shaving.

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