First pay attention to the use of the run-in period. Regardless of whether the new or overhauled engine must be worn out according to the regulations, it can be put into normal operation.

Secondly, check and adjust the fastening parts often. In the process of use, the tractor is affected by vibration impact and uneven load. The bolts and other fasteners are easy to loosen, and the valve clearance, valve timing, fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure, and ignition time are all due to wear. change. Therefore, it should be adjusted in time to keep the engine in a good technical state, thereby prolonging the service life of the engine.

Third, we must maintain oil net, water net, net net, and body net. Fuels and lubricants are not clean, they will accelerate the wear of precision fittings, and even cause mechanical failures such as blockage of the oil passages and shaft-shaft burns. Unclean air will accelerate the wear of cylinder liners and piston piston rings; the cooling water will not be clean. Increase the scale of the cooling system, affect the engine cooling; the appearance of the engine is not clean, so that the body corrosion is serious, it will shorten the engine life.

In short, we must diligently inspect, re-maintenance, and find that faults are eliminated in a timely manner and that small problems are solved in a timely manner. Only by maintaining a good technical state of the engine can we extend its service life.

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