The source of the eggs should be selected from the eggs produced by the rearing healthy chickens. The eggs produced by the diseased chickens should not be used for hatching because some diseases will be transmitted to the next generation through the eggs. The age of the breeder is also related to the hatching rate. In general, chickens hatch at 8 to 13 months of age have a higher hatching rate.

The length of the preservation time of the standard eggs of fresh eggs is directly related to the hatching rate. The requirement is that the fresher the better. Generally, the best breeding eggs within 7 days cannot exceed 15 days. The hatching rate of 15 or more days of eggs is gradually reduced. Fresh eggs are covered with a layer of frost, bright colors and small air chambers. The egg is dark in color and has a large air chamber. In addition, the hatching eggs suitable for hatching chickens should be oval, symmetrical at both ends, the weight of 55 to 60 grams is more appropriate.

The thickness and shape of egg shells for egg shells are dense and uniform. The shells are thin and thick, or the eggs on the top of sand, steel shells, and flower shells are not suitable for hatching. The color of the eggshell represents the characteristics of the variety. The color of the egg of the same species and the eggshell should be the same. For example, the shell of the flying chicken is white, and the shell of the white chicken is light brown.

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