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In the summer, people use mosquito-repellent incense to eliminate mosquitoes. Mosquito-repellent incense is an essential product at home. The following describes several methods of manufacturing mosquito coils:
1. 200 powders of pyrethrum powder, 200 powders of pyrethrum leaf powder, 200 powders of eucalyptus root powder, 200 powders of fragrant powder, 700 water powders, and fresh water. Dissolve Yango Green in boiling water first, then add white flower pyrethrum powder, pyrethrum leaf stem powder, eucalyptus root powder, fragrant powder, etc., and mix them with sticks or hands to make them into appropriate blocks. Then it is put into a bucket with many thin tubular devices or sieve plates at the bottom. A thick iron plate that matches the barrel mouth is added to the bucket and pressed down with force so that the spice is pressed out of the bottom of the bucket, which is a strip-shaped line. Fragrant. Cut it into appropriate lengths or savory dishes and dry them.
2.50% of pyrethrin powder and 240% of leaf stem powder, 180 parts of eucalyptus bark powder, 180 parts of fragrant powder, 2 parts of potassium nitrate, 2 parts of malachite green and 800 parts of water. First, the pyrethrum powder, leaf stem powder, eucalyptus bark powder, and fragrant powder are thoroughly mixed. In addition, potassium nitrate and malachite green are dissolved in water, and they are added to the powder one after another. According to the first method, it is pressed into a bucket.
3. 750 parts of pyrethrum powder, 450 parts of charcoal powder, 35 parts of camphor powder, 50 parts of gum gel, 175 parts of distilled water, and 75 parts of line spice. The pyrethrum powder, charcoal powder, and camphor powder were studied firstly, and the gum yellow glutinous rice was dissolved in distilled water to make it uniform, and various mixing powders were added. After mixing, add spice and serve.
There are many types of mosquito coils. The following is a description of several methods using wood chips as the main raw material.
4. Sawdust 100 parts (milled into powder), 5 parts of sticky notes, 5 parts of DDT, a little green pigment, and appropriate amount of water. Firstly, each of the above raw materials is carefully ground, sieved and mixed, and then a small amount of water is used to reconcile the clay into a plastic sludge. The mixture is pressed with a mold or a mosquito coil machine and dried.
5. 70 pieces of pyrethrum powder, 450 pieces of sawdust powder, 35 parts of camphor powder, 50 parts of gum gum, 75 parts of sticky notes, a little pigment, and 170 parts of water. First dissolve the gum yellow gum in water, add together the other powders and mix well, add water to make it into a paste, and then laminating the film to dry in the sun or sticking on the bamboo sticks and drying it into a musk.
6. 4 parts of pyrethrum (leaf, stem, root and flower), 2 parts of eucalyptus root powder, 2 parts of sticky powder, a little green pigment, and 7 parts of clear water. The preparation method is the same as that of Article 5.
Pyrethrum powder is a powerful insecticide suitable for dry storage, otherwise the active ingredients will be lost.
Excerpt from: Rural Practical Technology

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