In the summer and autumn high season, laying hens are particularly vulnerable to stubborn water diarrhea, so that the egg production rate decline or even stop production. This disease is non-infectious diarrhea, due to a long duration, resulting in decreased resistance of laying hens, prone to bacterial and viral secondary and mixed infections.

The feeding of poisoned feed is one of the important causes of the disease. The excessive salt, calcium, and crude fiber content in the feed, or the use of inferior fish meal, and the abuse of antibiotics are also the causes of intractable watery diarrhea in laying hens.

The main symptoms

The chickens have good spirits and no significant reduction in feed intake, but the drinking water volume rises significantly, the egg production drops significantly, white shell eggs and sand shell eggs increase, and the fecal water samples have a small amount of solids and are dark black, green or yellow. White; feces sometimes with mucus, as well as falling out of the intestinal mucosa; severe disease chicken feathers stand against, chicken cocks white, leg claws dry, rough, listlessness, standing still, egg production stops, the mortality rate of about 30% .


1. Do not feed on moldy feeds and add preservatives to the feed.

2. In the morning fasting, each chicken is given 2 pieces of lactase or rhubarb soda, and 0.1%-0.2% of medicinal charcoal is added to the feed. Dabeinong Weilikang or Victorian is added to the water. .

3. Symptomatic treatment with atropine. Probiotics can also be added to feeds for a long period of time (cannot be used simultaneously with antibiotics), and humic acid sodium can inhibit the growth of pathogens. If necessary, add allicin for treatment.

4. Add Dabei Nongkang to feed, prevent salpingitis, and reduce the number of inferior eggs such as white shell eggs and sand shell eggs.

5. Control the amount of drinking water in two-thirds of the amount of raw water, and add poultry oral rehydration salts to the water.

6. Enrofloxacin was added to drinking water to prevent secondary E. coli and Salmonella infections.

7. Add cod liver oil to feed to help repair intestinal mucosa and enhance resistance.

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