The reasonable winter shear of the third phase of jujube tree can make the tree structure reasonable, improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions of the tree body and the nutrient distribution in the body, so as to achieve the early reality, high yield, stable yield and high quality of jujube trees.

First, the results of the initial jujube tree. The canopy of jujube trees has not yet been formed and is still dominated by vegetative growth, but production has increased year by year. Pruning during this period should be based on sparse, retractive, short-cutting, and cultivation, and pruning should be carried out according to the principle of “four stays and five stays”. "Four stays" is the external jujube head to stay; the backbone branch is the jujube head to stay; robust and full of the development of the future of the jujube head to stay, with a large number of secondary branches and jujube stocks, the results of the ability of the jujube head to stay, To achieve the goal of continuously expanding the canopy, increasing production year by year. "Five not stay" refers to drooping branches and weak branches that do not stay, slender oblique branches and overlapping branches do not stay, pests and dead branches do not stay, improper and unpractical leggy branches do not stay, round branches, cross branches, And branches and leggy branches do not stay. The jujube head that does not make the extension branch of the main branch for a short period of three years or more and the main branch date head that does not continue to be extended. For bald branches, gradually retract and renew.

Second, full fruit period jujube tree. The canopy has already formed, the growth potential is weakened, the crown is basically stable, and the result is strong. At the late stage, the tip of the stem was gradually bent and cross-grooved, and the internal hemorrhoid gradually withered. The resulting site shifted outward. Therefore, the pruning method should be used to combine light and light, open the light path, light the light, and cultivate the inner litchi. Pay attention to the culturing and renewal of the result stick group to prevent the internal sticks from dead and the resulting parts to move outwards.

Third, aging jujube tree. In the renewal pruning of aging jujube trees, pruning methods should be determined according to the degree of tree vigor. As a result, the plants that had just begun to decline in the branches could be fully retracted and thinned during winter shearing. Branches that are already incomplete and result in few branches are sparse from the base. The other senescent branches shrank 1/3-1/2, and concentrated nutrients led to new shoots. The jujube branches are soft and easy to droop. Pendulous branches can be retracted to raise the angle of the branches and enhance their growth potential. The degree of retraction is 1/3 or 2/5 of the length of the backbone. For the 1-3 year old branches developed within the crown, the middle and small branches were cultured based on the size of the space and a few secondary branches were truncated. As a result, the senescence tree in which most of the corpses were dead and the dead ends of the backbone branches began to die, except for a large number of fruiting corpses that were riddled with senescent deaths and incomplete deficiencies, the degree of retraction of the whole tree backbone tracts (including the central trunk) was also increased. Generally, it should be retracted to 1/3-1/2 of the length of the original trunk, but it should be noted that the diameter of the cut in the control retraction site should not exceed 5 cm. The old trees that have been pruned and updated have to stop the armor, reduce the results, and strengthen the management of fertilizers and water to promote the vegetative growth of the trees in order to rejuvenate the tree as soon as possible. In order to ensure that the pruning has a good effect, the aging tree is frequently updated once more. The effect of partial renewal of branches in turn is not ideal.

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