The use of ammonium sulfate should be noted: Under flooding conditions, the soil will be severely deprived of oxygen. After ammonium sulfate is applied, the sulfate ions will be reduced to sulfides. Accumulation of excessive sulfide concentrations can cause plant roots to die and die. Therefore, the application should pay attention: First, try not to apply ammonium sulfate in paddy fields. Second, ammonium sulfate is an acidic fertilizer. The long-term application can increase the acidity of the soil. Therefore, in the application of acid soils in the south, it is necessary to pay attention to the application of plant ash or phosphate rock powder, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, etc.; in the northern calcareous soil, it is used to prevent the combination of calcium ions and sulfate in the soil. Insoluble calcium sulphate (gypsum), causing soil compaction, should pay attention to the application of organic fertilizers. Third, ammonium sulfate can be used as a seed fertilizer, basal fertilizer and top dressing. Fertilizer application amount should not be too large, control should not exceed 3 kg per mu.

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