In the process of giving technical guidance to some farmers, most farmers report that the wild boar reproduction rate is too low, and some nests can only produce 3 to 4 heads, which affects the economic benefits of wild boars to a certain extent. In response to this problem, the author explains how to improve the breeding performance of wild boars from the three aspects that affect the wild boar breeding process, namely the selection, breeding and breeding of male and female boars. Choosing male and female wild boars is the premise to improve reproduction rate

The appearance of male boars used in male boar selection requires the appearance of grey-black or brown-red hair, coarse and thin hair, small tips, long sharp-edged tips, small head and abdomen, high feet, straight backs, and sharp teeth. At the same time, it requires obvious sexual manifestations, deep forefoot, sexual function, testicular development well-balanced; 18 months of age resistant to rough feeding, fast food intake, large food intake, not picky eaters, such male wild boar have strong breeding performance. In addition, semen can also be collected from the genitals of female wild boars that have just been reared for sperm quality testing. Although the density is less than half that of domestic pigs (less than 100,000 per microliter), sperm viability must be above 0.6.

Breeding of female wild boars Breeding wild boars can increase reproductive rates at the expense of meat quality (rich game) and lower purity. Using the local sow as the mother species, although the number of births can be increased, it should be noted that the purity of their offspring is at least not less than 25%. Otherwise, their physiological and biochemical indexes will decline. Female wild boars are required to be mated at the age of 5 months to 6 months after birth and weighing 40 kg to 60 kg. In consideration of purity, the female wild boar is required to have good reproductive performance and body condition, with a good face, good structure, fast food, good spirit, strong motherhood, no less than 4 pairs of effective nipples, and good development of the breast, nipple and genitals. . Maternal wild boars require no abortion and stillbirth records. Raising male and female wild boars is the basis for raising reproduction rates

Keep a good breed of wild boar 1. Prevent male wild boar fat. The male wild boar was originally a wild animal, and its main food was leaves and weeds. 60%-70% of the artificially-breeded feed should be green grass such as green grass and green vegetables. Some farmers use full-priced feeds to feed male wild boars. There is no limit to the amount of feed in the early stages of growth, resulting in excessively high levels of nutrients, which results in over-fertilization of male wild boars, resulting in difficulty in breeding wild boars or failure of normal breeding. Therefore, the public wild boar must be properly reared, mainly green feed, and exercise. 2. Supply balanced nutrition. Male wild boars need more crude protein and vitamins. If the content of the boar is insufficient or unbalanced, it will affect the quality and quality of male boars, resulting in less semen and dilute sperm, incomplete sperm development, poor vigor, reduced fertility rate, and even loss of fertility. Breeding ability. Therefore, feeds rich in high quality protein such as fishmeal, soybean meal, shrimp, and silkworm cocoon should be adequately supplied all year round. During the mating period, one or two eggs or one cup of milk can be supplemented, and more green vitamin feeds can be fed. Usually, attention should be paid to supplementing bone meal. , minerals or shell powder, which have a significant effect on improving the quality of male boar semen. 3. Strengthen exercise and enhance physical fitness. Some farmers have excessively used male wild boars or forced public wild boar movements, resulting in a decline in the male boar's constitution, resulting in irrational or disapproval. For such male wild boars, exercise should be intensified to allow them to exercise for 1 hour to 2 hours a day, and the distance can be 1.5 km to 3 km. This is an indispensable measure to enhance boar physique, ensure their exuberant libido, and improve sperm vigor. .

Raising well-matched sows is a common saying that “when the pre-sow is plentiful, it is easy to have a high birth rate”. To ensure that the female wild boar's middle and superior puberty is the basic condition for raising the reproductive rate, only in this way can the female wild boar be able to produce a large number of eggs of good quality, so as to achieve the purpose of producing more children and producing Zhuangzi. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust the female wild boar that is unusually hysteria. The thin sow should be properly fed with special care so that it can be rehabilitated in time; overweight sows can easily cause ovarian fatty infiltration and affect the maturation of eggs and normal oestrus. Should reduce the material; but also to ensure the normal nutritional needs of female wild boar, pay attention to the balance of nutrition ratio, before feeding more green feed, animal protein, minerals, vitamin additives. In the 10 days before mating, the female wild boar is fed about 1 kilogram of fine material, and the short-term excellent feeding can increase the number of ovulation, improve the quality of the eggs, and facilitate the adoption of the fetus. It has been proved that the grazing of the female wild boars in contact with sunlight, soil, fresh air, etc. can promote estrus and mature eggs.

Doing a good job in the management of wild boar breeding is a key priority in improving reproductive rates. Breeding potential of male and female wild boars is fully utilized. Boars have higher sensitivity than normal domestic pigs. Therefore, they can only be mated using this cross (natural mating) method when female boars are estrus. Allow wild boars to cross and breed. Eligible for breeding within 12 hours to 24 hours after estrus and allowing boars to crawl. When the wild sow is estrus, the external genitalia is markedly red and swollen. When the external genitalia changes from red to dark purple, the swelling changes to a slight shrinkage, or the buttocks of the sow are hand-pulled, and it is the best breeding when standing still. time. The mating time of male and female boars takes about 40 minutes, which is slightly longer than that of domestic pigs. Based on experience, it is advisable to adopt a compounding method, that is, repeat the mating once every 6 hours to 8 hours. Female wild boar estrus is suitable for mating. Male wild boars can also be rushed into the wild boar for 1 day to 2 days. At this time, male wild boars can be crawled and mated several times at night, which can significantly increase the fertility rate and the number of births of female wild boars. Female wild boar estrus cycle is generally 18 days, if it is no longer heat, prove that the mating is successful; if there is estrus, indicating that not pregnant, to miss the timely complement.

Do a good job of preventing the flow of the pregnant boar's boar and ensure the success of the breeding. In general, the entire female boar has two periods of easy abortion during pregnancy, that is, the first month of pregnancy and the first month, if these two periods The influence of certain abortion factors will cause abortion. To this end, it is necessary to ensure the nutritional needs of pregnant mother wild boars, and at the same time to create a sports environment for them, thereby enhancing the sow's constitution and increasing its ability to resist abortion factors. The keeper must take care of the pregnant sow, do not fight, do not panic, do not chase, do not scare, thereby reducing stress. Before feeding, check the quality of the feed so that you do not feed moldy feed and toxic feed. To be reared in small groups, it is best to have 1 pig for 1 lap to ensure that pregnant boars do not crowd, pressure, bite, and weak foods to ensure successful reproduction.

Do a good job of nursing the mother wild boar and raise the survival rate of the pig. Although the female wild boar is the last link of its breeding, it has a significant relationship with the survival of the pig. It is to improve the survival rate of the pig and “over 3 levels” (newborn, feeding, weaning) The first level in Therefore, the preparation of the female wild boar before delivery is also very important. Delivery room and feeding equipment should be spray-disinfected with 2% caustic soda in the first 7 days, and warm and warming facilities in the delivery room should be completed in the winter. The temperature in the delivery room should be higher than 10°C. It is best to provide a piglet incubator in the delivery room. The temperature is 15°C~20°C. In the first 4 days to 5 days before the expected date of delivery, the pregnant mother wild boar is transferred to the delivery room. When wild sows enter the delivery room, they are sprayed with 2% trichlorfon to prevent ectoparasites from spreading to the piglets and prepare continuation supplies such as iodine, cotton wool, and broken teeth. Finally, we must do a good job of condom delivery: Most female wild boars will give birth to the pigs after laying on top of the mat grass. Different from domestic pigs, the wild pigs will produce their first hind legs and buttocks, and the pigs will be cleared in time after birth. The mucus in the mouth wipes dry fur. Cut off the umbilical cord (5 cm from the abdominal wall with a finger, then sterilize with 5% iodine), and assist the pig to eat colostrum as early as possible, and fix the weak piglets on the front row of nipples to achieve uniform growth. Strive to live full and strong.

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