Under normal management conditions, 3-4-year-old apple trees will enter the early fruit period. At this time, the characteristics of the tree are: strong growth, long strips, and short branches, forming some flower buds, but the yield is not high, with the growth of age The output increased year by year and turned to high yields. The task of shaping and pruning is to continue to cultivate the skeleton, expand the crown of the tree, and cultivate permanent result branches and branches, so as to create conditions for the high yield in the fruit period and lay a foundation.

Balance tree potential early results period, the rapid expansion of tree crowns, tree tendencies are often prone to partial prosperity, for the strong, strong peripheral trees, to be part of the erection of Wang branches, short cuts should be light, cut left half full of buds, control the upper part Supplementary branches. Under the strong and weak trees, take measures to strengthen and strengthen the weak, more sparse on the strong, open the angle, long bloom flower buds, and more results; the weak to help pruning, cut the mouth to keep strong branches shoots to promote growth potential.

Select the backbone of the branches on the basis of the plasticity of the young shoots, according to the selected tree shape, continue to cultivate the main branch, lateral branches, in order to enter the fruit period well-structured tree skeleton. When the backbone branches and extension branches are strong, weak shoots or short cuts at the blind spot of the spring shoots and autumn shoots can be used to maintain the golden mean. If the number of backbone sticks is not enough, continue to select the backbone sticks according to the requirements of the specific tree. For the main lateral branches that have been formed, alternate methods of slow release and retraction should be adopted while adjusting the azimuth and angle. It is necessary to maintain a certain growth potential and to control the range of stretching, and to maintain the balance of each backbone branch. Including the central leadership. If the number of backbone sticks is too large, it must be removed in time to prevent excessive branching and affecting the ventilation and light transmission, so that large branches and less branches are needed. However, when evacuating, avoid creating excessive confrontation on the trunk.

Disposal of supplemental branches that are not properly positioned or affect the main lateral branches should be promptly removed. Retained supportive branches will have a long-term impact, with less impact, less time, fewer interventions, and gimmicky measures to promote multiple outcomes and early results.

It is very important to organize the branches and groups of apple trees for high yield. Generally, it is required to make full use of space, and to allocate the results of large, medium, and small groups. Small fruiting branches: Stronger branches, less branches, and less space, these branches are easy to flower, and the results are early. In particular, young trees should pay attention to the cultivation and use of small branches. Medium-sized fruiting branches: There are more branches, strong ability of continuous results, long life, and easy updating. It is the main branch type of high yield. Large-scale branch groups: These branch groups actually consist of several medium-sized and small result branch groups. The first group of this type is formed by the transformation of the larger back side branches or the auxiliary branches of the layers. When these branches are transformed into large-scale branches and branches, they must be opened at an angle to stay strong and weak, and to stay straight. Sparsely dominate the growth potential. After the results have been spent, the branches will be reduced and gradually retracted. This large-scale branch can fully fill the crown space. The second is the cultivation of medium-sized fruit trees and the cultivation of large-scale fruit trees in the larger part of the crown.

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