(1) If the weather is clear and warm, the soil surface is relatively dry, especially in the southern part of China. The grass should be cut once more.

(2) Under normal circumstances, all tools, motorized equipment, etc. should be oiled to facilitate collection and use until the following year.

(3) If some snails are found to be infested on part of the grass this month, the pesticides can be eliminated in time.

(4) In order to maintain the flat and beautiful appearance of the ornamental lawn, the leaves of autumn trees accumulated on the lawn should be promptly removed.

(5) This month is still the best season to use grass blocks. Under normal circumstances, it is easy to survive rooting and is conducive to wintering.


(1) Most of the regions in China entered the winter season. Apart from occasionally removing fallen leaves, under normal circumstances, no maintenance and management work can be done.

(2) Pay attention to soil freezing in wet plots and in rain and snow. Do not step on the lawn, otherwise it will cause serious damage to turfgrass. If you must pass on the lawn, you should first spread the board.

(3) The winter-green turf established in the southern region should be filled with winter irrigation before winter in December, which is conducive to winter-green lawn growth.

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