With the growing area of ​​winter crop rape, the proportion of live rapeseed has also increased. The seeding of live rapeseed was later, the effective growth period before winter was shortened, and it was difficult to cultivate strong seedlings before winter. Therefore, it was necessary to do a good job of management at the seedling stage.

In the morning, the seedlings of Dingxiang seedlings have a larger seeding rate and are sown late. In particular, rapeseed from Sanmian-made rice fields are generally planted at the end of October. This is often due to improper management of seedlings, fertilizers, and water, resulting in crowded vegetable seedlings and the appearance of string seedlings and weak seedlings. Should be in the rape seedlings 2 to 3 time, 4 to 5 leaves when the Dingmiao, transfer and thinning to ensure that the whole seedlings, seedlings per mu leave 1.2 ~ 15,000, to make up for the lack of late-communist groups. After fixing the seedlings, use 15% paclobutrazol 50 grams per acre and evenly spray 50 kilograms of water to prevent tall seedlings.

Early cultivating and weeding, early cultivating after planting seedlings, and cultivating soil, especially rapeseed direct seeding, have high soil moisture, soil compaction, and serious damage to weeds. The soil between the plants should be removed and the weeds must be removed. Before the low temperature arrives, a deep cultivator is used and roots are planted to protect the roots of the rapeseed. Weeds and more plots, available 20% Napu Na 80 mg per mu, 50 kg of water for stems and leaves spraying grass, but also can use 12.5% ​​per acre to 50 ml of grass oil to 50 kg of miscellaneous water Grass stems and leaves evenly spray, the effect is better.

Early recovery fertilizer and seedling growth on the basis of the application of base fertilizer, generally after the Qimiao early application of long-term fertilizer, per acre with 4 kg of urea on the water spilled; each time after the seedlings should be suitable for seedling fertilizer, with 5 per acre ~ 10 tens of thin people and animal manure water is poured on the plant; after the seedlings are topped with a strong seedling fertilizer per acre, use 10 people's livestock manure water. In the application of nitrogen fertilizer, it should also pay attention to increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, the general application of superphosphate 20 kg per mu, in mid-December per acre topdressing 20 pigs cow dung for wax, in order to improve cold resistance. The best application of fertilizer is to reduce the loss of fertilizer. The live rapeseed needs more boron fertilizer, and the seedling reaction is more sensitive when boron is deficient. It can spray 0.5 kg borax fertilizer per acre after fixing the seedlings.

Early prevention and early flowering and early flowering of rapeseed because of weak nutrition before winter, prone to early pods and early flowering, can be controlled according to the situation. Firstly, deep-medium cultivating is carried out on well-grown and fertile fields. Deep rooted cultivating 7 to 10 cm near the canopy cuts part of the root system and temporarily inhibits growth. If rape begins to fall, it will be supplemented with appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Second, the method of re-applying nitrogen fertilizer to poorly growing rapeseeds can effectively delay the vegetative growth, increase the amount of vegetative growth, and prevent the occurrence of early infestation. The third is to rape the rape fields that may have been convulsions before, timely picking the alfalfa to inhibit the apical dominance of the plants, so that the nutrients are transferred from the main trunk to the lower part of the branches, delaying the birth process. After exhumation, 15 to 20 tons of livestock manure or 5 kilograms of urea should be applied to water in order to promote branching.

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