Like organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, improper application and excessive application will also bring about ecological risks such as nitrate leaching and greenhouse gas emissions. At present, some developed countries in the West have adopted legislation to control and direct the use of farmland organic fertilizers. In recent years, China's large-scale aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, and the content of heavy metals, antibiotics, etc. in livestock and poultry manure has increased, and the safety of organic fertilizers has hidden dangers.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, land pollution in China, especially farmland, is becoming more and more serious. At present, there are about 150 million mu of arable land in China, 32.5 million mu of arable land for sewage irrigation, and 2 million mu for landfilled solid waste, which together account for more than one-tenth of China’s total arable land. Each year, as a result of heavy metal pollution, the country’s grain has reached 12 million tons, and direct economic losses have exceeded 20 billion yuan. Experts pointed out that this phenomenon is directly related to the uncontrolled use of organic fertilizers in China and the low utilization of fertilizers in China.

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