The symptom is that under the condition of constant load, the diesel engine is struggling, the exhaust gas emits black smoke, and finally it suddenly stops and shakes when cranking the crankshaft. Burning tiles are mostly caused by poor lubrication. The main ones are:
(1) There is not enough oil in the oil pan. The oil pump does not pump much oil, so the oil pressure is low, causing the oil to not be supplied to the required parts in time. At this time, the oil in the oil pan should be added to the specified height.
(2) The oil pump is worn or damaged and should be repaired or replaced.
(3) If the oil collecting filter net is blocked or broken by debris, the debris should be promptly removed or the filter replaced.
(4) The gap between connecting rod and journal or main bearing and main journal is too small and should be repaired.
(5) The oil in the lubricating oil deteriorates the engine oil. Replace the water stop ring or replace the oil.
(6) Large oil viscosity. In the winter start, due to the large viscosity of the oil, the oil after the cradles has not been delivered to the oil passages and the car is immediately driven, resulting in burning of tiles at the beginning of the start-up.

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