In winter due to dry grass, poor palatability, low nutritional value, and more snow and ice in some areas, once the poor management can cause sheep to die. Winter is also a ewes' gestation and part of ewes' lambing period. Therefore, the following points should be taken into consideration when grazing sheep.
First, adjust the sheep. When the old, weak, sick, and remnant sheep that cannot pass through winter and have no value for cultivation are weighed, they are sold or slaughtered before wintering.
Second, scientific grazing. The grazing sheep in winter must be grazing with the group and rely on sheep to make the sheep walk less, eat more grass and drink enough water. According to the terrain and forage conditions, first put the shady slope, put the sunslope at the back, put the grass first, and then put the grass high, and make full use of the grassland. According to the weather conditions, the wind is grazing, and the wind is grazing; the cold weather is the early return of the animal husbandry, and the sunny weather is the early return of the pastoral. The wind and snow do not grazing, not scaring the flock and preventing the sheep from jumping and jumping. Maternal ewes do not grazing with the herd.
Third, the combination of grazing and feeding. In winter, the temperature is low, and the sheep consumes a large amount of energy. In particular, the pregnant ewe consumes a large amount of body heat to protect the cold, and the fetus needs a lot of nutrition for its growth and development. The grazing alone cannot meet the nutritional needs and should be supplemented with fodder. Every night, 1 to 2 kg of grass, 5 grams of salt, and 0.25 to 0.5 kg of concentrate are available, and some vegetables and carrots can be fed under conditions.
Fourth, take forestry grazing measures. The sheep can bite the bark and eat the tender shoots of the young trees, seriously damaging the forest vegetation and destroying young forests. In order to develop both sheep-raising and forest protection, in the winter it is possible to grazing in the forest and allow the sheep to eat wild grasses and fallen leaves. The townships and villages that have a lot of sheep should make reasonable arrangements and do a good job of planning to protect the young trees from the measures of closing mountains and afforesting them.

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