After using the tractor in winter, be sure to release cold water in time to prevent freezing of the body. If you forget to let the cooling water and freeze the body, you can use the following measures:
First, look for cracks 1. Put charcoal in the lower part of the engine and bake it slowly. Do not use it for baking in the fire. At the same time, open the mouth of the box and inject warm water into the box. Do not inject boiling water. The temperature of the water can gradually increase. In this way, it is performed up and down simultaneously until the ice melts completely and flows out of the discharge valve. Then close the valve, fill with hot water, wipe the external dirt, find the crack site.
2. The cylinder head and the body are generally protected against freezing. Once the body is subjected to freezing, it will swell the antifreeze plug to protect the body. Therefore, when the freezing is not serious, the machine will generally not be frozen. Even if the cracking phenomenon occurs, it will only occur in weak places. Once the cracking phenomenon occurs, the pressure in other parts will be greatly reduced, and generally will not be Cracked. Therefore, once the body is frozen, it can only be frozen.
3, the machine is frozen, cracks can not be on the outside, after the external inspection, you can loosen the oil sump drain bolts, if water seepage, it is necessary to let go of the oil, remove the oil pan, carefully find the leak Parts.
Second, the treatment measures 1, to find out the crack, it should be depending on the situation welding repair, sticky patch or iron plate for patching.
2. If the radiator is leaking water and the quantity is small, the two ends of the pipe core can be blocked and used. If there is more crack, use it after welding.

The advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine are:the ultrasonic cleaning effect is good and the operation is simple.The sound that people hear is an acoustic signal with a frequency of 20-20000 Hz.Sound waves with a frequency of more than 20000 Hz are called ultrasonic waves.The propagation of sound waves propagates longitudinally according to a sinusoidal curve,generating a large number of small bubbles.Ultrasonic cleaning machine one reason is that localized tensile stress occurs in the liquid and forms a negative pressure.The reduction in pressure supersaturates the gas originally dissolved in the liquid and escapes from the liquid and becomes a small bubble.Ultrasonic cleaning machine the other reason is that the strong tensile stress tears the liquid."A hollow,known as cavitation.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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