Fertilizer is an important scarce material for agricultural production. To avoid mistakes in farming, farmers’ friends have rushed to buy reserve fertilizers earlier. In order to reduce the loss of chemical fertilizers, here are some points that should be noted during the storage of chemical fertilizers for farmers:
First, avoid high temperatures. Studies have shown that ammonium phosphate can be placed in the open air. At a temperature of 16°C, the nitrogen loss rate is: 3.4% for 1 day, 10.6% for 5 days, 18% for 10 days, and 26% for 15 days; at a temperature of 20°C Under the circumstances, the nitrogen loss rate was: 8.8% for one day, 48% for five days, and 77% for fifteen days; at the temperature of 32°C, the nitrogen loss rate was: 18.9% for one day and five days. It was 67.9% and 93.6% for 10 days. As can be seen from the above data, the higher the ambient temperature, the greater the loss of nitrogen. The stability of nitrogen fertilizer such as ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia water is poor. When the temperature exceeds 20°C, it is easily decomposed into ammonia gas, carbon dioxide and water gradually volatilize and dissipate. Therefore, it is advisable to spend as much as you can on fertilizers and try not to have surpluses. This should be the case in summer. The chemical fertilizer prepared for storage should be placed in a cool and dry room, and the temperature should be maintained at 10 to 15°C.
Second, avoid moisture. Ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and other chemical fertilizers have extremely high temperature-absorption properties. When the humidity is high, the ammonium nitrate will be lost in the “chemical water,” and the calcium sulphate will reduce the active ingredients. Moreover, ammonium nitrate will absorb moisture and cause explosion when the human is broken. The moisture prevention method is: store in the warehouse as much as possible. If there is no warehouse, store it in the shed or frame as much as possible, and put the bottom cushion on it, and then put it on a moisture-proof surface. Then cover it with plastic sheet or tar paper to prevent the suction from being fast and reduce the moisture. Fertilizer effect.

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