The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Qinghai Province that the introduction of advanced species of plateau and advanced technology research projects in our province passed the acceptance of experts.
Experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province organized the relevant experts on the Qinghai Fisheries Environmental Monitoring Station's project “Study on the introduction and breeding of high white peony” and “Study on the shed culture technology” in August this year. At the acceptance meeting of the project, the expert group unanimously held that the project of “Introduction of the high white peony and the research of the increased culture” had a proper selection of topics and was highly targeted, providing accurate and reliable data and information. The success of the introduction and breeding of Gaobaibai has opened up new ways for the development of reservoirs and lake fisheries in our province, which is of great significance for increasing farmers' income and fishery efficiency. The "Wen Peng fish culture technology research" project, the experiment concluded that greenhouse fish show a three-month growth period than open-air ponds, through the comparison of eight varieties, screening out four species in the plateau temperature greenhouse There are obvious advantages in growth, providing important information and information for fishery facilities in our province.

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