There are generally three ways to store cauliflower in winter:
One is the plastic bag storage method. First, use small nails to separate two pairs of holes in the top and bottom of the plastic bag. Then, cauliflower is bagged, cauliflower is packed in 1 bag, and 1 bag of medium and small cauliflower can be loaded with 2 to 5 pieces. Then the bag mouth is fastened. Place in a clean, empty room to store oysters, keep the room temperature at around zero degrees Celsius, cover when the weather is cold, and open the bag once a week if there are drops of water in the bag.
The second is the low temperature method. In the shade, dig trenches about 70-90 cm deep and about 1 meter deep. Spread a dry layer of sand over the bottom of the trench. Then put the cauliflower with 6-7 cm rhizomes and the top three leaves in the trenches. Pay attention to the placement. The first layer of cauliflower is up, the second layer is down, head to head and into the ditch. After the row is finished, the flower ball is about 35 centimeters away from the earth's surface. Attention should also be paid to inspection and dumping. Do not cover or cover with a straw mat in the early stage, cover the film after light snowfall, keep the temperature in the ditch at around zero degrees Celsius, prevent rain in the early stage, and sweep snow in the late period.
The third is the prosthetic storage method. The roots of the plants to be stored in cauliflower will be rooted, the lower yellow leaves will be removed, and the soil will be planted in Yangshuo. The density of planted leaves is incorrectly packed but not folded. After planting watering, covering the film, the weather can cover grasshoppers at night and during the day, it is advisable to maintain the temperature at around 20 degrees Celsius during the day, and the temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees Celsius at night, and attention should be paid to maintaining proper humidity. During the day, the grasshoppers should be uncovered and ventilated. Cool down. Pay attention to avoid the thin film pressed on the leaves, this method is suitable for the storage of immature cauliflower.

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