1. To disinfect the warehouse before storage, use the new warehouse fume disinfectant developed by the center, and use 500 grams per 100 cubic meters.
2. Before the storage, the temperature of the reservoir should be reduced to the required temperature (0°C and 0.5°C) within 3 days in advance.
3, when harvesting should pay attention to the following:
1 Stop irrigation before 5 days before harvesting.
2 Harvesting should be carried out at 9:00 a.m. after dew has disappeared.
3 The celery, spinach, and parsley harvested after the rain are not resistant to storage, and are protected from rain and freezing after the harvest, and do not allow the sun to take too long.
4 harvesting to stay root 2 centimeters or so, shake off the dirt, remove yellow withered leaves and petiole, tied with plastic rope into 2-3 jins (1-1.5 kg) of the handle.
5 Be careful to handle gently to prevent mechanical damage.
6 During the reference storage season, the celery, spinach and parsley were generally stored on October 10-15 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.
4, to follow the income, timely storage. The unloading dignitaries handed over the hand, do not stack and heap piles, to the roots of the next leaves, erected single-storey, to prevent injury, concentrate on finishing processing and transportation into the cold storage.
5, picking process 1 pick out the no-disease, color, normal, robust and complete installation.
2 Processing removes yellow rot leaves and side-folded petioles and removes dirt.
3 Bundles: Match the roots of the selected celery, spinach, and parsley and tie it into small pieces of 1 kg (0.5 kg).
6, storage precooling: celery, spinach and parsley after processing, into the cold storage for pre-cooling, so that the body temperature and ambient temperature consistent. The arrangement of the dishes is to be arranged on the shelf in the outer layer of the leaves, with a thickness of about 30 cm, and a pre-cooling time of 24-36 hours. Plastic bags also need to be placed in a cold store in advance.
1 bagging: pre-chilled celery, spinach and parsley and fashion bags, bags selection of 1100mm600mm, 0.06 mm thick wet PVC bag, celery, spinach and parsley root leaves outside 10 to 15 kg, to basically achieve the same, and then in Put 5 packets of red medicine (physiological regulator) on the top of the dish.
2 bags: Using a loose-fitting bag mouth, automatically adjust the gas method, that is, use a round wood with a diameter of about 3 cm or a plastic tube to insert the bag, roll the bag tightly, and pull out the round stick or Plastic pipe can be. It is required that the porosity be the same and the tightness of the yoke should be the same.
7. Storage Management 1 Temperature: 0°C 0.5°C 2 Humidity: 98%
8, the gas composition of celery, spinach and parsley using loose bags, automatic gas adjustment method, the general gas composition index in CO27-8%. When the CO2 accumulation is too high, the bag can be opened and ventilated, the bag can be opened, the oxygen can be restored to about 20%, and the deflation can be performed for several hours. When the CO2 residue is below 1%, the bag is loosely tied.
9, quality inspection After celery, spinach and parsley into the warehouse should pay attention to observe the quality changes, especially when stored 50-60 days, to regular inspections. If it is found that leaves are brown or have water rot, they must be listed and processed in time.

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