1, continue to thin fruit. Leave 2 fruits per branch; leave 1 or 2 fruit for some shoots.

2, continue to spray melon and fruit, increase the vitality of fruit expansion.

3. At the beginning of the fruit color transformation period, spray potassium sorbate 600 times for 1 or 2 times to prevent fruit white rot.

4. Spray a new high fat film to form a protective film on the surface of the fruit to prevent fruit white rot.

5. Prevent bird and animal damage.

6, clean up the garden, ready to harvest tools, late mature fruits can be picked.

7, the ground spray insects such as diptera or dichlorvos and other drugs, add a new high fat film in the liquid to prevent fruit fly. You can also use tethered paper or fly traps to trap the adults of fruit flies.

8, artificial killing Tianniu, beetles and other pests.

9, on the growth of the overly busy tree body ring cut to promote Hua Wang 2, control the shoots crazy long, so that fruit trees bloom more than a year, more fruit, stable yield and quality.

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Freeze Dried Fig


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