1, topping

According to the weight of the topping, the picking can be divided into light picking and heavy picking. The heart was lightly picked, that is, in May-July, about 5 cm of shoots were picked from the top of the shoots. The light-hearted heart was mainly used to produce fruit trees. The purpose was to suppress strong vegetative growth and to promote flower bud formation. After topping, many branches sprouted. The twigs must be lightly picked for many times to achieve their purpose.

2, take the stick

The hands are peeled off from the base of the branches, and the middle part holds the branches to change their direction. The branches are mainly used to open the angle of the branches, ease the growth potential of the branches and promote the formation of flower buds. Take the branch more support, pull and other methods, simple and easy, the effect is good, and do not hurt the skin, take the branch is mainly applied to the smaller branches, if the branches are thick, can not get the angle should be treated, and vertical ball Methods are combined.

Fried Series

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