Rapid fattening of mutton sheep can make lambs slaughter early, weighing 15-20 kg, and the survival rate is over 98%. In management technology, we must grasp the following issues.

Choosing the good breed is to choose the best hybrid sheep and fully utilize the advantages of hybrids to increase production. For example, Boer goats and other males are used as male parents. The local white goats are used as female parents for crossbreeding. The meat goats produced have the characteristics of large size, stable genetic properties, high reproductive performance, strong disease resistance, and high meat yield.

Building a shed to build a mutton pen to make it cool in winter and cool in summer. It should be built in a place with high dryness, good drainage and ventilation, and clean sanitation. The north slope should be a half slope, and the back wall should be 1.8 meters high. 2.2 meters high, peripheral playground, to create a good living environment for fattening sheep.

Breeding ewes Ewes should be grazing on high-quality pastures or mountain farms, or be fed with good-quality forages. At the same time, each ewes fed 0.4-0.7 kg of mixed concentrate every day.

Selecting lambs and fattening lambs from the lamb herd to select individual large, well-developed, feeding ability, disease-free lambs constitute the fattening group after weaning. It is better to choose the male lamb because the male lamb grows faster and does not reach sexual maturity at this time.

Lamb supplements can be used with cereal feeds and appropriate amount of soy cakes (potatoes), as well as mixed concentrates such as corn, wheat bran, and soybean meal. Lamb's concentrate feed increases with the age of the month. At the age of 20-30 days, the amount of lambs per lamb is 50-70 grams; 100-150 grams for 1-2 months; 200 grams for 2-3 months; and 2 feedings per day.

Castration promotes the growth of the male lambs after they have been castrated, and should be cast off in due course.

Timely disinfection In the feeding and management of mutton sheep, there must always be sufficient and clean drinking water supply, good ventilation, dry floors, bedding, and feedstuffs should not be contaminated. Clean and disinfect sheep pens, sheep houses, chutes, and sinks; lambs, grasses, forages, utensils, etc. should be grounded in the sun, and work clothes and medical equipment should be boiled and sterilized.

Disease prevention According to the epidemic characteristics of the local sheep disease, we adhere to the principle of “prevention and treatment” and systematically prevent and immunize the sheep against infectious diseases and parasitic diseases.

Timely delivery of fattening sheep, sheep, and body can be based on market conditions in a timely manner slaughter, you can shorten the sheep fattening cycle, but also can increase the economic benefits of sheep.

Sterile Medical Lap Sponges

Structure and composition: It is made of 100% Cotton Gauze, cotton tape, X-ray or X-ray film by degreasing, bleaching, drying, processing, cutting, folding and sewing.


Product performance: White, soft, non-toxic, odorless, non-fluorescent, no oil spots, no whiskers, no hair corners, no wrinkles or debris adhesion, and has good water absorption performance.


Model specifications: Sterile type, washed or not washed. The color is mainly white, supplemented by blue and green. Specifications are divided into 30 * 30CM-4 / 6/8/12, 45 * 45-4 / 6/8/12, 50 * 50-4 / 6/8/12, 30 * 40/40 * 45, etc., with or without belt; with or without light, can be sewn based on different requirements


Packing: Each 1-5 pieces are packaged with medical crepe paper or medical blue film, and then packed into medical paper-plastic / paper paper bags or medical blister packaging, with 5-layer double corrugated kraft paper boxes.


Scope of application: It is used for one-time use by medical institutions for surgery or protection.



Sterile Lap Sponges

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