1. Leading varieties: "Cooperation 88". 2, the main push technology: early winter potato double ridge sorghum cultivation technology. The technical points are: (1) sowing date and species selection: the safe planting period for potatoes begins on October 15 and ends on October 25. (2) Cutting buds: 15 days before sowing, select the seed potato with the characteristics of this variety. Take a knife from the top bud of the tuber as the center point, cut into two pieces and then cut it. The bud should not be too small. The weight of each bud can not be less than 30 grams, dressing with plant ash. (3) Selection of land, fertilization and sowing: The planting plots have convenient transportation, relatively concentrated contiguous, medium or medium-upper fertility, deep tillage layers, and loose soil. Before the planting, do a good job in the drainage and deep turning of the plots. The plots should be made of three plows and three plows. The fields should be broken and there should be no sundries. The base fertilizer should be 2000 to 2500 kilograms of manure, 40 kilograms of potato fertilizer and 20 kilograms of urea. , 40 kg of phosphate fertilizer and 1 kg of boron fertilizer. The fertilizer is applied directly to the pond. Using a sowing area of ​​2 meters (including 0.3 meters in the ditch), planting 4 rows, 0.35 meters row spacing, spacing 0.3 meters, to ensure that 5700 ponds per acre sowing, seeding depth of 0.25 meters, 250 kg per mu. (4) Covering with plastic film: after planting cover soil, chemical herbicide is applied to the field, and herbicide is sprayed with 90% acetochlor or 48% trifluralin or prometryne on the bed surface and bed groove. After the spraying of herbicides, the film was filmed, and a film of 2 meters wide and 0.008 mm thick was selected. The film was to be tightened tightly to grasp the principle of “strict, tight, flat, and wide”. The surface of the bed is separated by a small piece of soil and windproof film. After the emergence of the potato, the seedlings were broken in time and membranes were tightly covered with membranes around the membrane. (5) Field management: Do a good job of checking seedlings to make up seedlings, and promptly break the membrane and induce seedlings to seal up. If the stems and leaves are too long in rainy years, they can be sprayed on the paclobutrazol control during flowering. Drought should be watered to avoid flooding, flood irrigation or groundwater irrigation. (5) Harvest period: Most stems and leaves turn from green to yellow and are immediately harvested.

Nv Er Hong, literally means Daughter Red, a metaphor of a girl reached her full maturity through 18 years of upbringing. In ancient times, parents bought jarred wine and stored when daughter were born, and when their daughter were married at the age of 18, they would open the jar to drink the wine. It reveals Chinese cultural characteristics and echoes with Zhuang Yuan Hong. With red as the main color for packing, a celebrative color, deeply loved by the newlyweds. A mild wine, suitable for wedding.

Nv Er Hong Yellow Rice Wine

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