The research team at Iwate University in Japan conducted a study to increase the yield of shiitake mushrooms through artificial lightning. The experimental results show that the application of high pressure to shiitake mushrooms will increase the yield by more than double the usual cultivation methods. This technique may be expected to increase production of other vegetables.

The researchers were inspired by the phrase “the harvest of the mushroom of the year of Leiduo” and first conducted experiments in the forests of Morioka City. Takagi Associate Professor, who specializes in high-voltage engineering, developed a special device using four sets of storage batteries. Within two to one month prior to the harvest of shiitake mushrooms, it applied 50,000 to the seedling wood chips or bacteria beds within ten millionth of a second. 100,000 volts. As a result of the experiment, it was found that the yield of shiitake mushrooms was approximately doubled when compared with the usual cultivation method without applied voltage.

From the experimental results, it is known that different types of mushrooms have different voltages for increasing production. Different voltages have different effects on the growth of shiitake mushrooms, and the voltage does not work for the higher pine mushrooms.

The detailed principle of electricity production increase is not yet clear, but the researchers found that the proteins and enzymes secreted by mushroom mycelium increased dramatically after the voltage was reduced. After being strongly stimulated by the outside world, mycelium may speed up its own development in order to multiply. Associate Professor Takagi said that he hopes to extend this technology to the cultivation of other vegetables to increase the output of agricultural products.

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