First, the main function of the early planting of corn ditch, can make full use of the early spring moisture, to achieve a full seedling sowing, to ensure the density, avoid drought, early maturing and high yield.
Second, the technical points
1. Fine soil preparation, trenching, fertilization and integration. On the basis of autumn deep turning, the early spring will be topped off in time. Hard to plough the land first, and then protect it. The ridge distance is 70 to 90 cm, the depth of the ditch is 20 to 25 cm, the depth of the ditch is the same, the ridge width is uniform, and the furrows are straight. When the ditch is to be opened, fertilize and integrate the following operations to reduce the sunburn. General Mushi organic fertilizer 4000 ~ 6000 kg, 40 kg of corn special fertilizer for drought (N, P, K total nutrient 35%).
2. Seed treatment. Taking Yuyu 22 and 9409 as the backbone species, Shandan 902, Linao 1 and 3138 can also be used. The purity of the variety is more than 98%, and the germination rate is above 90%. Before germination, germination tests and drying are required. At the same time, seed germination, the seeds after the sun, into the wet twice with the amount of seeds, 60 °C, stirring to not hot, about 40 °C until soaked for 12 hours, remove and filter dry, clean and clean In a plastic bag or tile pot, germination is performed at a temperature of 25 to 30° C. for about 24 hours. When 70% of the seeds are white, the seeds can be sowed.
3. Grab the early broadcast. When the 5 cm ground temperature is stable above 7°C for 5 consecutive days, it can be sown. Due to the early sowing of maize, the top soil power of seedlings is weaker and the emergence time is longer. They should be planted in wet soil and the soil thickness should be about 5 cm. Mu sowing volume 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms, should be suppressed after sowing. Before the remediation, the ditch was sprayed or poisoned soil to control the underground pests.
4. In the field management, after emergence of corn, it is necessary to check the seedlings in a timely manner, set the seedlings during the period of 3 to 5 leaves, and scoop them once. Early sowing of maize plants with short stems, strong stems, and low ear positions is suitable for dense planting. More than 400 kilograms of land per mu were produced, 3000~3500 strains were planted in Mu, 500 acres were harvested per mu, 3500~4500 were planted in Mu, 600 hectares were harvested, and 4,500~5000 were planted in Mu. In the middle and later stages, the cultivator should be cultivated in a timely manner, and the ditch should be turned into ridges and topdressing. In the 7-8 leaf stage of maize, 10 kg of urea was applied to each acre, and cultivating by animal husbandry was carried out. In the 11-13 leaf stage, 5-7 kg of urea was recovered per acre, and an artificial cultivator was used for soil cultivation. At the same time, to strengthen pest detection and reporting in corn fields, and to find pests and diseases, it is necessary to timely control.
Third, to adapt to the region of Gansu loess wetlands.

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