Many women do not understand: Why do so many checks before doing abortion? Especially women who have vaginitis can only undergo surgery after the doctor has to cure vaginitis.

In fact, the most common complication of abortion surgery is postoperative infection. Normally, there are many bacteria in the vagina, and there are bacterial growth in the lower third of the cervical canal.

However, because there is a cervical mucus plug in the cervical canal, the uterine cavity is separated from the vagina, so that these bacteria can not easily enter the uterine cavity. When abortion is performed, the surgical instruments need to go through the vagina and cervix and enter the uterine cavity. Although strict surgical procedures are followed, the surgical instruments do not touch the vaginal wall, but during the operation, the cervix and cervix are expanded and used as bacteria. Upstream infections provide opportunities; in addition, bacteria may enter the uterine cavity directly with surgical instruments. This is the reason why infection may occur after artificial abortion.

We know that there are many bacteria in the vagina and the genus is usually in a symbiotic state, inhibiting each other and not causing diseases. When vaginitis occurs, the balance between these bacterial flora is broken and some bacteria overgrow and become pathogenic. If abortion is performed without treatment at this time, the chance of pathogenic bacteria entering the uterine cavity will increase, making postoperative infection more likely to occur.

Therefore, one of the purposes of routine gynecological examinations and vaginal discharge tests before artificial abortion is to discover potential diseases that can cause postoperative infections, and to provide treatment to ensure the safety of surgery and postoperative care. This is one of the reasons why doctors have been advised not to quietly "run away" in small clinics.


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