Fruit diseases and pests can seriously affect the yield and quality of fruits. In the autumn, the pests that eliminate fruit trees can receive more effective results. There are mainly the following methods for exterminating fruit trees in autumn:

1 Trapping and killing: Using insect pests to select the sites for wintering, in the autumn, they will be tied with grass or broken sack pieces on the big branches of fruit trees to trap pests and larvae for overwintering, and then concentrate on killing. According to the survey, this method has an effect of collecting 47% to 78% of apple and pear borerworms, and it is also very good for spider mites, red spider mites, spiny leaf miners, leaf roller moths, and leaf roller moths. The trapping effect, especially when the density of overwintering worms was greater in the year, was more pronounced.

2 Remove the fallen leaves: In autumn and winter seasons, combine pruning to remove the diseased shoots and insect shoots, and remove the weeds and litters near the orchard and its surrounding areas and treat them in a centralized manner to eliminate a large number of overwintering pests.

3 Farmland: Farmland ploughing is not only an important measure to improve the soil and promote the production of fruit trees, but also an effective method to eliminate overwintering pests and diseases. Through ploughing, the deep soil pests and pathogens can be turned to the surface and frozen to death, dry or eaten by natural enemies, so that buried insects can not be feathered and suffocated, thereby reducing the overwintering base.

4 Pharmacy control: In the autumn, the larvae of red-necked hornbills, mulberry hornbills, and other larvae plague the fruiting branches of peach, plum, apricot and apple. If damage is found to fruit tree trunks, poisonous swabs can be removed after the excrement is removed, and the orifices are closed with slime; it is also possible to inject a large amount of 80% DDVP EC 1500 times directly into the wormholes, and then seal the holes with slime; The shallower parts of the larvae can be digged, smashed, and assassinated by wire. 5 In the deciduous dormant period of fruit trees, spray 1~2 times of lime sulfur, etc., to harm various species of scale insects, red spider and apple rot disease, pear tree scab, grape black spot disease, etc. All have significant control effects.

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