Rabbit backyard breeding can reduce breeding cost, and its technical requirements are as follows:

1 Venue: Utilize idled homes (now rural schools, pig farms, processing houses, houses, etc.), preferably mud. Do not build rabbit cages.

2 varieties: use of hybrid production of meat rabbits.

3 methods: 20 squares can be raised 10 female rabbits and one male rabbit, freely mating, use the gesticulation to predict the term of delivery, the pregnant female rabbits are placed into the litter-care cage three days in advance, and then put into the rabbit group after the postpartum breast-feeding. Once breastfeeding, young rabbits are raised in cages. 2.5 pounds later into the meat rabbit group.

4 scale: 50 to 100 can only be the mother and mother is appropriate.

5 feed: species of a few acres of grass, collect crop straw and pick up, buy manufacturers of fine material supplements.

6 Feeding: Collect blue and hay bundles for free food intake, and add concentrate supplements as appropriate. Feed enough water.

7 Epidemic prevention: Rabbits are immunized twice a year (rabbits, pasteurosis, Clostridium perfringens). The rabbits were immunized with double or triple vaccine for 35 days. 60 days to strengthen the injection of rabbit quail seedlings. Deworming: anti-coccidial, parasites.

8 disinfection: cleaning feces at any time, disinfection and sterilization.

9 Sales: As the cost is low, it is available for sale.

10 Note: Prevent disease, control disease, and prevent moisture.


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