Recently, a ranch staged a farce. The villagers actually dumped cow dung in the office building of the ranch. What is the reason for this? Although the pasture has always claimed that “all of the effluent from the ranch has entered the organic fertilizer plant for centralized treatment, the biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation is used for power generation, and the biogas slurry as raw material for organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer is returned to the field, and the entire process has formed regeneration. The circular economy of energy use." But this is not the case. The pollution brought by pastures has seriously affected the lives of surrounding villagers. However, it is not for the farmers to wake up and ponder: How difficult is it to achieve clean production on a large scale? What are the ways to achieve aquaculture clean production? Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan's technical staff gave answers here.

1, clean production process excrement is the key

The main cause of pollution in the scale-raising process is the production of large amounts of excrement from livestock. If it is not dealt with in a timely manner, it will be easy to breed mosquito-infected diseases, which is also a great danger to livestock. There are three ways to treat excreta.

One is that, as the ranch claimed, anaerobic fermentation is carried out using waste manure, and the biogas produced is used for power generation. The biogas slurry is used as organic fertilizer to return to the field, forming a circular economy. In the process of biogas fermentation, biogas fermentation agents should also be carefully selected. If no gas production or low gas production is encountered, Gembiogas fermentation auxiliaries can be used for effective conditioning.

The second is to ferment livestock manure and urine into organic fertilizers through proper treatment and apply them to fields. Although the excrement of livestock is a very good machine, but due to the pungent odor is not suitable for direct application to the field head, Kinpo Fertilizer Fertilizer can effectively solve this problem. The excrement treated by the golden manure fertilizer ferment agent not only has no odor, but also has good fertilizer effect, is safe and convenient to use, and also can effectively increase the utilization rate of the chemical fertilizer, and is absolutely a high-quality and high-efficiency organic fertilizer.

The third is the use of the Tycoon dry fermentation bed to solve the pollution problem from the root. Farmers who have used the fermentation bed will probably smile at this place and naturally understand the mysteries. The main function of the Jinbao dry-type fermentation bed is to use the microorganisms in the fermentation bed to completely decompose the livestock excreta (convert the excreta into odorless gases and nutrients such as crude protein and bacterial protein), and also to save energy and save food. Immunity, improving the efficacy of meat quality, and simple and effortless, is the most direct and effective way to achieve clean production on a scale.

2. Reasonably allocate feeds, increase feed conversion rate, reduce pollutant emissions in excreta and urine; scientific management, comprehensive utilization of energy-saving, consumption-reducing, and water-saving methods to reduce the generation and diffusion of pollutants are also areas that require attention.

A ranch with its stench of odors and disturbances in the surrounding people's grievances will surely not win the trust of everybody even if they are able to cultivate excellent quality livestock. Achieving clean production by means of scale farming is not only a guarantee to the public of the credibility and superior quality of their own products, but also a banner for their own image display, which is more persuasive to consumers. In the aspect of sewage disposal, Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. develops the series of microbial products, especially the golden treasure dry fermentation bed, which thoroughly degrades the animal waste and achieves pollution-free and zero-emission. It is the first choice for scale-scale clean production. . Details of the consultation: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website:

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