What are the characteristics of biological bacterial fertilizer application?

Microbial fertilizer is suitable for various crops. Including all kinds of field crops, fruit and vegetable crops, lawn flowers, etc. In addition, the Golden Baby brand family is also introducing the Golden Baby microbial feed additive and bio-pesticides applicable to the breeding industry. The dosage forms have been gradually developed from powders and granules to water-based formulations. In terms of dosage forms, a very wide range of scientific product portfolios are gradually emerging. This is not possible with a single-product type company. The effect is remarkable. After applying the microbial fertilizer to the crop, the following effects can be achieved:
(1) To grow faster: Shorten the growth cycle, mention the morning market to sell a good price, increase revenue;
(2) grow strong: make the leaves of the crop more neat and beautiful, large and robust;
(3) Less disease: Inhibit human invasion of pathogens, significantly reduce disease, and reduce pesticides;
(4) Good quality: greatly reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical hormones, so that the quality of taste return to natural color;
(5) High efficiency: Input-output ratio is above 1:10, and some are higher;
(6) Change soil: reduce and prevent soil compaction, activate and improve soil, and maintain ecological balance.

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