Variety selection is not the case, early spring crops sowing spring or weak spring wheat varieties, will lead to long wheat seedlings prosperous, is not conducive to safe winter. Countermeasures: On the basis of early scratching and repression, pre-winter soil encircles the roots or covers “headed feces” to protect the wheat seedlings from wintering safely.

Early sowing of wheat sowing too early, after the seedlings are uncovered, the leaves are long and narrow, draped over, and the tillers are insufficient. The young panicles of the main stem and some large tillers differentiate into the two-edge period before winter and are encountered at -10°C for 5 hours. At low temperatures, freezing damage occurs. Countermeasures: Timely repression, suppression of the growth of the main stem and Oita. After repression, the fish should be plucked in time and combined with watering, applying 15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per acre. If necessary, foliar spray of 0.2% to 0.3% of chlormequat solution is used to control the growth and resist freezing injury.

Seeding late wheat sowing late, the short growing period before winter, the effective accumulated temperature is insufficient, it will lead to the growth of thin wheat seedlings, and fewer tillers. Countermeasures: In order to remove water and replenish fertilizers, 10 to 15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate is applied per mu in the wheat trifoliate period. In wheat fields with poor soil moisture and fast seepage, the wheat is dredged in time after the three-leaf stage, but the wheat field with suitable soil moisture or poor soil viscosity and water permeability should not be watered before winter. For the last time before the freezing, we must pay attention to the soil surrounding the roots to protect the wheat seedlings from winter.

The sowing depth of light wheat sowing is preferably 3 to 5 cm. Sowing too shallow (less than 3 cm), the growth of young wheat seedlings, bare part of the tillering festival, more and smaller tillers, not drought tolerant, susceptible to frost and premature aging. Countermeasures: Squeeze a few times before emergence and combine the roots of the soil after the emergence of the seedlings. If necessary, cover the soil with a cover soil or cover the “headed manure” during wintering to prevent overwintering and freezing.

Seeded deep wheat sown too deep (more than 5 cm), the seedlings are slow, the leaves are slender, the tillers are small and small, the secondary roots are weak but the wheat seedlings are yellow and thin. Countermeasures: Timely clearing the earth. The specific method is to use a bamboo raft or shovel to start from the center of the ravioli surface and cross the ridge to cross the raft. When the ravioli reaches the last row, it can be dragged onto the ravioli. For properly sown wheat, clear trees generally begin at the two-leaf stage of wheat and end at "small snow."

Sowing too much sowing, wheat seedlings are crowded, yellow and thin plants, weak individual development, and few tillers. Countermeasures: First, sparse seedlings, especially in the fields, fields, and fields, should be sparse and sparse in order to establish a suitable group structure and promote individual development. Then combined with watering, topdressing a small amount of nitrogen, phosphate fertilizer to make up for excessive consumption of soil nutrients.

Excessive base fertilizer excess base fertilizer, wheat seedlings grow after overgrowing, more tillers, leaves large, field cover is serious. Countermeasures: When the main stem of wheat grows 5 leaves, it is 5-7 cm deep between the rows of wheat, cut off some secondary roots, control nutrient absorption, reduce tillers, and cultivate strong seedlings.

Insufficient soil moisture The lack of soil moisture after wheat sowing, wheat seedlings difficult to unearth, or after the emergence of seedlings slow, leaf color grayish green, short leaves, slow growth or stagnation, the base leaves gradually become yellow and dry, small and fine roots (farmers call it "Shou Xin Miao"). Countermeasures: After the sowing of wheat, check the soil moisture in time, affect the land where there is insufficient soil moisture or dryness, and conduct irrigation with small water for watering conditions, and promptly repress 1 to 2 times without watering conditions.

Soil Wetness After sowing, the soil of the wheat is too wet. After the wheat seedling emerges, the leaf color is yellowish, and the tillering is slow. When the wheat seedlings are severe, the tips of the leaves turn white and dry. Countermeasures: Timely deep cultivating ventilation, and applying a small amount of quick-effect fertilizer to promote early-onset seedlings.

After the emergence of incomplete wheat, timely inspection of seedling emergence, if the lack of seedlings, pay attention to make up the seedlings. Countermeasures: First, replanting. Select the same variety as the deficient seedlings, and soak the seeds under appropriate temperature conditions. Can also be used naphthalene acetic acid 25,000 times or potassium dihydrogen phosphate 500 times soak for 12 hours, and then sowing, in order to facilitate the emergence and growth. The second is transplanting. For lands that are not ready for replanting and replanting, there is still a lack of seedlings that can be transplanted and planted on the spot in the wheat tillering period. Transplanting wheat seedlings should be selected to have 1 to 3 strong seedlings for transplanting. The depth of transplanting should be “not buried in the ground and not exposed in white”, and the transplanting time can not be later than “little snow” in order to facilitate Seedlings and wintering.

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