Strawberry black heart disease symptoms: the first inflorescence growth malformation, inflorescence, heart leaves, pedicel and petiole is very short, can not be extracted, the flower is not normally open at the base, the new leaf margin dry black. The severe first inflorescence and new leaves became dry and dark, and the farmers called it "black heart disease."

Control measures: 1. Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers, increase the use of bio-organic fertilizers, increase the soil's own fertilizer supply capacity, and improve soil salinization. Reduce the use of inorganic fertilizers, increase organic fertilizers with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fixation and release the fixed phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. At the same time improve soil physical properties.

2. The leaves are not yellow, and the green leaves are not removed without any reason, allowing the plants to have more leaf area, increasing the number of photosynthetic products, and improving the nutrient supply during the reproductive growth stage.


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