In recent years, the market price of walnuts has continued to climb, and the price of each kilogram of walnuts in Funing has reached as high as 13 yuan. Due to the attraction of economic benefits, the enthusiasm of people in the mountainous areas to plant walnuts is unprecedentedly high. The development of walnuts is a good thing for the greening of mountains and rivers and for the wealth of farmers. It can achieve the simultaneous development of the three major benefits of forestry ecology, economy and society. However, there are also issues such as blind introduction, long-distance planting of trees, improper selection of varieties, and so on.

At the beginning of June this year, the Funing County Forestry Bureau investigated the situation of newly planted walnut saplings in the county in the past 2-3 years: Jinlong, 3 years old, and 92% of the dead or partially planted shoots on the ground. The resulting strain rate was 0.77%. Fragrant, 2 years old, the above-ground part of the whole death or drawing the number of plants accounted for 70%, the results strain rate is zero; Liao, 3 years old, aboveground part of the total number of dead or partial draws accounted for 24%, the resulting strain rate was 48.5%; Local seedlings, 2 years old, the above-ground part of the total number of dead or partial draw, the number of strains is zero, the results strain rate is zero; Xinjiang walnut every other year, 2 years old, the ground part of the total number of dead or partial draw the number of strains, the results strain rate of 100%. The results of the survey show that the shorter the species launch time, the farther the cultivation site is from us, and the more serious the phenomenon of dead trees is.

Funing County is located in the northeastern part of Hebei Province and is in the eastern part of Hebei Province. It enjoys a favorable climate with no cold winter, no heat during the summer, 2742 hours of sunshine, an average annual temperature of 10.1°C, an annual precipitation of 744.7 ml, a frost-free period of 174 days and extreme low temperatures in the past 3 years. It is -18.3°C in 2003, and the environmental conditions are suitable for the growth of many northern deciduous trees. Walnut has always been a traditional cultivated tree species in Funing. The hundred-year-old trees abound, and the introduction of a variety of serious dead trees indicates that the long-distance planting of trees is not safe and the cold resistance and drought tolerance of the introduced varieties are not very good. They are not adapted to local conditions. Not suitable for trees.

Any excellent species and species require a certain suitable environment. When the conditions are met, the characteristics of excellent species and varieties can be expressed. When the external environmental conditions are not available, the superior species will not be preferred. The reason why Japan imports Yanshan chestnut from China every year is that because they don't have Yanshan, there is no water, fertilizer, gas, and heat conditions in the Yanshan Mountains. Introducing the Yanshan chestnut in the past even if it was flowering, it will never have Yanshan chestnut. It is delicious and well peeled.

In the past, the promotion of agriculture and forestry technology adhered to the “three-step approach” of “testing, demonstration, and promotion.” Now that such a normative system seems to be omitted, many people blindly pursue new differences, as long as they are new, excellent, and do not consider The conditions began to rise. As a result, the new varieties are getting hotter and hotter, and the more hot the farmers are, the more expensive and more expensive the seedlings are. The lessons learned from the apple seedling fever of the 1980s and 1990s and the fast-growing young seedlings at the beginning of the century have taught us that we must take warnings. The test is the premise, and the demonstration is the foundation. We should stick to the first trial, demonstration, and promotion. Otherwise, the hope of planting and the sweat that is shed will become desperation and tears, and even more difficult to swallow. Therefore, we hereby advise our farmer friends especially that walnut varieties must be carefully selected!

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