How to get rid of the dryness of autumn? The following Xiaobian asked Chinese medicine to tell you how to stay healthy in autumn, comfortable autumn and winter, come and learn about it!

How to get rid of the dryness of autumn? Chinese medicine believes that when the autumn is the golden rule, if care is neglected, it is easy for Qiuzao to injure body fluids, causing dry mouth, sore throat, and hyperactivity and cough.

“Dryness” is the most obvious climate feature in late autumn, so after cold dew, health care should be started from nourishing the lungs, lungs, and tonifying the lungs. Lily, white lotus seeds, white fungus, lotus root and other foods “white food” are the first choice for the lungs.

Lotus root

"Lotus is a treasure, and Qiuyu is the best person." After the fall, the air is dry, and people are easily restless and restless. At this time, we must eat more Qingxin Runzao food to go to Qiuzao. Lotus root is rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant protein, vitamins and starch, there is a clear appetite heat, moistening and quenching thirst, soothe the nerves, benefit the benefits of blood, but also enhance the human immune system.

Edible lotus root raw and cooked can be. As raw fruit, taste sweet, cool into the lungs; steamed with glutinous rice, honey, red dates, pink transparent, soft and clear, is a delicious autumn dishes; and ribs stew, spleen appetizer, nutritious, suitable for the spleen and stomach People nourish health.


As the saying goes, “radishes, almonds, ginger, and pears are not effective for treating cough.” Autumn is prone to be hurt by Qiuzao, which can cause dry mouth and dry mouth, sore throat, and foods like pork lungs, dried persimmons, oysters, oysters, etc. that are moistening and nourishing the lungs. The most nutritious of nuts is non-almonds.

In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", the three major effects of almonds are listed: lungs, clear food, and stagnation. Almonds are rich in protein, trace elements, and vitamins. With lungs, cough, Hua Chang and other effects, dry cough without sputum, lung deficiency chronic cough embolism have a certain degree of mitigation.

Almonds are divided into sweet almonds and bitter almonds. Among them, the effect of sweet almonds is even better. Almonds can be porridged with glutinous rice at a ratio of 1:5, and can also be brothed together with pig lungs, all have a nourishing and relaxing effect. Of course, roasted almonds eaten as snacks can also be eaten properly.


Lily, sweet and bitter, flat, into the heart and lungs; because it has lungs and cough, soothe the nerves and other effects, become the top grade in autumn consumption. Lily is rich in nutrients, including protein, vitamins, carotene, and some special active ingredients, such as starch, polysaccharides, pectin, and various alkaloids, which have a certain effect on inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells.

Lily has many ways to eat. It can be fried with celery and beef. It tastes light and has a long aftertaste. The best way to eat Lily in autumn is to cook porridge. Lily porridge can be made with glutinous rice, adding a little bit of crystal sugar, not only delicious, but also soothe the nerves, helps sleep; can also be used Lily, lotus seeds and red dates are boiled together, can make peace and tranquility.

The above recommended so many diet tricks, you may wish to try it, there really is an unexpected result!

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