The sub-pig has a great disparity and the following adjustment measures must be taken:

Strong and weak separation, feeding on time. A litter of well-growth and strong constitutions is divided into one column; younger, less-developed young children are divided into one column. At first, baskets can be installed separately, and straw or quilts can be added on cold days. The sows were rotated every 1 hour to 2 hours, fed once every 3 hours after 1 week, and fed once every 4 months after 1 month.

Fix the nipple and eat good colostrum. Weak young pigs are unable to find nipples in time due to weakness in their limbs and inconvenience of movement. In particular, during the cold season, the weak pigs do not suck milk due to freezing and freezing. Therefore, after the sow has finished giving birth, placing the weak piglet on the nipple that has more milk in front of the sow can allow the strong piglet to suck the nipple with less milk without leaving empty nipples, which can promote the development of the sow's mammary gland.

Early inducement, weaning by stages. After the pig is born 7 days, it can use the feed to attract food, put the feed in the palm, hand it to the mouth of the piglet, and let it feed. After 2 days to 3 days, the pig can feed freely in the food tank. Feed should be fed dry, can not add water transfer paste feeding, so as not to affect the effect. After feeding, provide enough clean water for drinking and warm water for winter. The troughs are separated by a number of pigs with wooden sticks to avoid competition. On the 40th day after giving birth, the secretion of milk gradually decreased. If the weight of the two swine pigs is very different, a robust and heavy litter can be weaned inside the gills and fed outside the gills for defecation. Leaving a small nest for the sow to continue breast-feeding can achieve the same weight as the two litters on the 15th. Don't let the gregarious group within 2 months of nesting to avoid fighting.

Prevent diseases and inject vaccines. Born in Pig

Within 30 days, feeding sows every day with 1 spoon to 2 spoons of oxytetracycline for livestock can effectively control the ferrets. If the piglet is found to be white, immediately take 2 tablespoons of sulfamethoxazole 2 tablespoons to mix and serve, usually serving 1 to 2 times Jiyu. The pigs were picked up when they were fed, clamped with their knees, and held in place by a wooden stick. Pigs should be injected with triple vaccine and paratyphoid vaccine in 40 days. If the pigs are found to have love nests, high temperature, vomiting, pulling water-like loose stools, increased drinking water, sluggishness and other symptoms can be considered as a paratyphoid pig. The disease is infectious and the mortality rate is high. The pigs should be immediately isolated and rapidly injected with 5 ml each of chloramphenicol and enrofloxacin.


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