Since the beginning of winter, heavy snowfall has occurred in northern China, especially in the three northeastern provinces. The impact of snowfall on greenhouse vegetable production is manifold. To this end, farmers are reminded to take measures to use snow water skillfully to harm the damage.

First, snow hazard

Mechanical damage Due to the gravity of the snow, the snow is too thick and it is often possible to compress the unstructured greenhouse. According to calculations, when the thickness of snow is about 20 cm, the amount of snow per square meter can reach 20 kg, and the weight of snow on the canopy of each mu of greenhouse can reach 13 tons or more. Such a heavy burden is difficult to support in a simple greenhouse such as a bamboo structure, and it is easily damaged.

There is no sunlight in the snow, and in addition, in order to keep the greenhouse warm, a number of layers of grass cover and other coverings are placed on the outside of the shed to make the light in the shed seriously insufficient and photosynthesis cannot be carried out.

As the saying goes, "The snow is not cold and snow is cold." Snowfall is often accompanied by low temperatures, and improper management can easily cause damage to greenhouse vegetables.

Second, response measures

Improve the structure of the greenhouse can be used conditionally can adopt the shed of steel and concrete skeleton structure. If bamboo and plastic pipe frames are used, their load capacity should be carefully tested and arched designs should be used to enhance support capabilities. At the same time, the roof should have a certain slope, making it difficult for snow.

When the snow falls during the day, it is necessary to cover the snow-covered grasshoppers and cover the grasshoppers. After the snow stops, the snow will be cleared immediately. At night, the snow will be snow-covered and the cover will be kept dry. When the snow is particularly large, whether it is during the day or at night, it must be followed by a sweep to prevent the snow from overcrowding.

Strengthen the management of coverings. Remove the coverings in time to see the seedlings in the snow. Continuous cloudy snow weather suddenly turns fine. After peeling off the cover, observe the changes of the seedlings and find the wilt. Immediately cover it with a bristle and recover. Then open it again and cover it up again. If so, after 2 to 3 days, you can switch to normal management; if you leave it open, it will easily result in a "falling seedling."

Pay attention to ventilation and air exchange If you encounter cloudy weather for more than 3 consecutive days, because the vegetable's respiratory consumption is greater than photosynthesis, the greenhouse will accumulate a lot of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, and use the high temperature at noon to release the top wind for 1 to 2 hours. .

With skillful use of snow water, the content of nitrides in the melted snow water is 4 times higher than that of the same volume of rain water, the heavy water content is 1/4 less than normal water, and the content of toxic and harmful substances such as phenol and mercury is also lower than ordinary water. . Heavy water is a kind of radioactive material and it has a strong inhibitory effect on various life processes. Therefore, it is called "dead water." Using snow water instead of ordinary water soaking, watering vegetables, can greatly reduce the harm of heavy water and increase vegetable production. According to experiments, the germination rate of cucumber seeds soaked with snow is 40% higher than normal; watering cucumber seedlings with snow can increase production by 1 time.

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