Maintenance first volume three

1. The use of the instrument must be carried out by a special person. When the equipment is used, the external power supply should be cut off to avoid accidents.

2. When placing the sample in the studio, it should not be too dense, so as not to affect the normal flow of the airflow in the working room. There must be a gap of 10~20mm between each item, and it should be placed symmetrically. The items on each shelf should be staggered. The distance between the plates must be greater than 100 mm from the bottom of the studio.

3. A certain space should be left around the equipment to facilitate heat dissipation and operation and maintenance.

4. Prevent sharp and sharp objects from scratching the device.

5. Do not disassemble electrical components and other parts of the equipment at will, so as not to damage the electrical control circuit, causing human error in the equipment and affecting its performance.

6. When storing and using the equipment, there are no flammable, explosive and corrosive substances around.

4. Do not put flammable, explosive and volatile materials into the equipment for drying.

8. Please read this "Product User's Manual" carefully before using the device, and then perform various operations.

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