Use artificial and agricultural methods to clean the orchards, eradicate overwintering pests and diseases, effectively eradicate pests, and reduce the overwintering base.

1. Cleaning the leaves: Falling leaves are one of the major overwintering parts of many pests. For example, cherry brown spot, black ring spot, and other pathogens all overwinter on damaged leaves. Roller leaf moth and other pests lurk in the damaged leaves over winter. Therefore, after the deciduous cherry leaves are over, defoliants are thoroughly cleaned, buried or directly fertilized, and the pests that overwinter on the fallen leaves are eliminated, which can greatly reduce the number of pests and worms in the following year.

2, combined with pruning, cut off pests and branches: winter pruning is an important technical measure for cherry tree management, but also an effective method to eliminate overwintering pests during dormancy. Reasonable pruning can adjust the tree load, improve the ventilation and light conditions of the orchard, promote the robust growth of fruit trees, and improve their resistance to pests and diseases. At the same time, combining with pruning, the pests that overwintered on the branches, such as leaf roller moths, peach aphids, nymphs, red spiders, etc., are cut off, and the pruned pests are collectively burned to eliminate overwintering pests on them.

3. Deep-stemming tree trays: There are many wintering pests in the soil under the canopy. Before being frozen in the soil, the deep-planed tree trays can directly kill some of the fruiting worms, pear nets, pear caterpillars, and naval worms that are wintering in the soil. Caterpillar, Hawthorn red spider (winter female nymphs in the soil gap around the neck, fallen leaves, weeds between the winter) and so on. At the same time, by turning the soil, some of the pests can be exposed to the soil surface. This part of the pests is not eaten by birds or frozen in the cold winter.

4, scraping off skin, rough skin, tumors: trunk on the skin, rough skin is the main wintering places for diseases and insects, such as mountain-planted spider mites (winter-type female adult eel), leaf roller moth, pear borer, pear caterpillar and other The overwintering of rough skin, rough skin, scraping of skin and rough skin can eliminate most of the pests mentioned above. Scrape the root cancerous tumors, plastic glue blocks, root cancer disease with 1% copper sulfate, 80% 402 antibacterial emulsion EC 50 times, or scrape the lesions, apply 40% Formamide arsenic wettable powder 30 times Glue disease was mixed and applied with 50% tetromycin 50g + 50% sulfur suspension agent 250g. It has a good effect on reducing the source of infection in the coming year.

5, protect the wound, closed saw cut. The pruning of wounds left on trees in winter is the way to invade germs, and is also a wintering place for some pests. Can use varnish or tung oil to add appropriate amount of lard to reconcile, smear to protect the wound and prevent the invasion of bacteria.

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